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Halogen Ovens Versus Conventional Ovens

A halogen oven works by heating food through the use of a halogen lamp with the aid of a high performance fan. A conventional oven has an electric or gas element that heats up the box of the oven to a preset temperature.

With a halogen oven, the set temperature is reached almost immediately whereas in an electric oven it can take 10 or 15 minutes which means that electricity is wasted. Whereas a halogen oven can consume more energy per hour than a conventional oven, it cooks more quickly and therefore costs less to run.

Another point to consider, a halogen oven can cost as little as $35.00 for a basic unit up to a little over a $100 for a something a little more hi-tech. You can also purchase a number of accessories such as extra racks, pans for baking and an extender ring. Some units do come with these accessories as well.

These compact and portable ovens are perfect for a small apartment kitchen, a boat or camping or even at the cottage. In fact you can cook a whole chicken in a little over 30 minutes.

All you need for a halogen oven is a flat surface and an electric socket. Since they move air to transfer heat to the food, you can think of a halogen oven as a portable, electric convection oven. However, the best halogen oven unlike standard convection ovens, can also steam food.

As well as being able to observe the food while it cooks, you can easily add water to the bowl without fear of causing any damage to the halogen oven.

With a halogen oven you can cook everything you would cook in a conventional oven. Everything from a roast dinner to pizza to grilling steak or steaming vegetables. You can even bake bread or a cake in one. They can also be used to roast, toast, broil, grill and even dehydrate foods.

So which is better? Conventional ovens are larger and take more energy to heat up. If you regularly cook for a large group or your family and you require a lot of cooking space, then a conventional oven might be your best choice. However, if you are looking for a cooking appliance that provides a quick meal a halogen oven may prove to be the better choice.

Halogen ovens are certainly less expensive, take up less room and can cook a complete meal in a matter of minutes. As well you get great tasting food that you didnt have to take a lot of time preparing.


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