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Classic Or Belgian Waffle Maker?

Is your family a 'waffles for breakfast' family? Not only that, do they crave waffle treats at other times of day? Do you still use an old waffle iron left to you by your grandmother? Well perhaps you should be considering the addition of a modern electric waffle maker into your home kitchen armoury. A typical example of what modern manufacturers can offer is shown in the following video:

In choosing a waffle maker bear in mind that the design of the machine dictates the thickness of waffle which is fixed for that machine. Classic machines give a standard thin waffle, so if you and your family prefer to luxuriate with a thick waffle perfectly done, then you should be looking at purchasing a Belgian Waffle Maker version. The available features are the same on both types of machine.

Standard features of any electrically powered modern machine will include controls for on/off, oven temperature and cooking timer. These can be augmented by the addition at slightly higher cost, of electronic controls for 'optimum temperature reached', 'ready to bake', 'baking time complete' and other monitoring information that can be displayed on a digital readout screen. Choose a machine that has only the features you will use and is within your budget. Paying extra for facilities not used is a complete waste.

Also decide how many waffles you will want to do at any one time. Most waffle makers make a single large waffle that may allow easy cutting down of the whole into smaller ones, but some models on the market are designed as dual versions that make two identical waffles at a time. These latter ones are however, heavier, take up more space and are of course more costly.

Clean kitchens deserve clean appliances, so make sure you choose a model that has removable non-stick plates and that the casing of the machine is made of stainless steel or aluminium to ensure easy cleaning after use.

When it is time to purchase your new machine, look first on the internet at sites like this site which will give you a good idea of the features of many of the best waffle makers on the market. After browsing a number of these sites you will have started to home in on your best two or three for possible purchase. At this point it is worth going to the site of a large online retailer such as or a large hardware store and looking at each of your short list in turn. On these sites you will find heart-felt reviews (both good and bad) from previous customers on how well or otherwise the product has worked in practice. In the case of Amazon it easy to find over one thousand reviews for any one product.

Assuming you have now honed your choice to the one (or possible two) you want, you should now go to a local supermarket or large hardware store that sells that choice product and do a hands-on review of your own. Get a feel for handling the machine and ask any question of the staff that you wish. If you are really lucky, by talking to the salesman, you may be offered a better deal than you found elsewhere on the internet.

However and wherever you make the purchase, I'm sure your family will enjoy the tasty treats to come, whether at breakfast time or later in the day.


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